Alumichem has appointed Trevor Gent of Sales Manager, Technology

Trevor Gent will join Alumichem in the newly created position as Sales Manager.

Trevor Gent, Sales Manager, Technology Alumichem

Aluminum delivers customized turnkey solutions to treat intake water and effluents from Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). The effluents are typically from backwash of drum filters and biofilters as well as overflow water. The Technology team is focused on providing turn-key Aquaculture effluent treatment systems that are designed, engineered, and will perform according to any discharge requirements.

Trevor and his wife relocated from Edmonton, Canada to join the Alumichem team in Birkerød, Denmark. He and his wife, Anisette, spent 30 years together in Canada and when the opportunity to join Alumichem came up they jumped at the chance to move back to Anisette’s home country of Denmark.  Trevor is both a Chemical Engineer (University of Alberta ’95) and an Environmental Professional through ECO Canada.  He brings over 25 years of experience working in sales, marketing and leadership in various industries, but his main passions are water and the environment. 

Trevor started on September 1. 2022

“Trevor is an exciting edition to our team here, as he brings an overall problem-solving mentality and emulates our main goal at Alumichem of being customer focussed and solution oriented.  It is a natural transition for him to take his versatile experience and passion for water from Canada and apply it to the world of Aquaculture.

Ultimately, our business model is about merging Chemistry, Technology and Knowledge and Trevor’s experience in all aspects of water treatment combined with his background of working with systems and emerging technology places him perfectly to help our Aquaculture partners solve their inlet water and wastewater needs.  He also brings a unique understanding of government and legislative guidelines from his consulting work.  We are very happy to have Trevor on board,”

Christian Bang-Møller, CCO Technology, Alumichem

“I am extremely happy to be joining the team at Alumichem, especially considering how well my values align with theirs.  The technology team is comprised of extremely knowledgeable and skilled individuals with a passion for water, with a specific focus on Aquaculture.  They have a long term focus on the business and you can really tell that they are here to be a partner to the aquaculture industry and not just another product provider, which is very important to me.  The fact that they see the value in combining their experience and knowledge in water treatment chemistry and balancing it with technology is one of the main reasons I was attracted to the position at Alumichem.  With the combined focus we can eliminate the finger pointing at the “other person” as their will only be us and we want to succeed for our clients first and ourselves second,

Trevor Gent, Sales Manager, Technology, Alumichem

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