Alumichem consolidates to support global vision

Alumichem retains the name but is now being merged with several companies in one group. This is an important step that supports our global vision to deliver innovative and sustainable products and solutions for improving water and air quality.

The companies that will be merged under the name Alumichem are Norlex Chemicals A/SNorlex Systems A/SAlumichem A/S and Canadian (Vancouver) Waterhouse Environmental Services Corp.

All companies deal with water treatment within drinking water, wastewater, fish farming, mining industry, process industry and environmentally friendly processes within the paint industry. Deliveries of specialty chemicals to the car battery industry and eco-labeled dust suppression are also underway.

With branches in Denmark, Canada, Belgium and Ghana and production in Kalundborg Denmark, Alumichem’s vision is to deliver sustainable solutions and to enter into close partnerships with global customers and suppliers.

CEO Jens Husted Kjær says about the establishment of the Danish environmental group:

“It makes us more maneuverable and gives us more muscle to move even more out into the international markets. We have several very interesting products and solutions on the way, and it is now that there is a basis for operating on a group basis”.

As a company in the water sector, Alumichem has a unique opportunity to make a positive difference by providing our solutions and technology, we can help to facilitate sustainable development in the world.

The new organization will start 29 Jan 2021

Alumichem’s new website will go live in March

See Alumichem company presentation


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