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COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (January 2, 2017) –

Alumichem Corporation (Alumichem), a growing investor of specialty chemical and water treatment corporations, is excited to announce that it has acquired 100% of the outstanding shares of Alumichem A/S (Alumichem). The acquisition of Nordisk Aluminat, a leading manufacturer of water treatment aluminates, will be an important expansion of the products and services offered to Alumichem’s global client base.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to invest in Nordisk Aluminat,” said Jens Kjaer, President of Alumichem Corporation. “Nordisk Aluminat allows us to offer a broader range of specialty chemicals and water treatment solutions for a variety of industries we feel are being underserved.” Nordiak Aluminat represents the second specialty chemical investment Alumichem has made over the past six months, with additional investments expected in 2017.

Founded in 1991,

Nordisk Aluminat A/S is a leading manufacturer of aluminates utilised in the water treatment industry as well as a manufacturer of concrete accelerators, specialty chemicals for dust suppression and environmentally friendly de-icing applications. Nordisk Aluminat A/S has an international client base including some of the world’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Alumichem is a joint venture company between the Danish based Copenhagen Chemicals Holding and the Canadian based Amidyne Energy Corporation. Alumichem was formed to acquire financially successful water-treatment chemical companies. A chemical distribution company in British Columbia, Canada acquired in October 2016 complements the acquisition of Alumichem A/S. The owners of Nordisk Aluminat provide a strong entrepreneurial and data driven management team focused on international growth.

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