Alumichem A/S

Experts in Aluminium based flocculants and Specialty Chemicals

Alumichem A/S, has since its foundation in 1991, been developing and producing high quality functional aluminates, for use in water purification processes, concrete industry, paper pulp industry as well as a long range of various industrial production processes.

In 2005 Alumichem A/S commissioned a state-of-the-art PAC (poly aluminum chloride) production line. Alumichem A/S was in 2017 acquired by a group of companies, where Norlex A/S is today the biggest shareholder. Today Alumichem A/S is a part of Norlex Group.

Alumichem A/S is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Alumichem A/S is a family owned manufacturing company, dedicated to developing and producing high performance functional aluminates and poly aluminium chloride which are widely used in Industrial water treatment, municipal drinking water and waste water treatment systems, and is becoming a popular choice for flocculation processes.

Our product range is characterized by a very high content of aluminum, thus representing an attractive and effective alternative to other products on the market. The R&D team at Alumichem A/S consistently work with improving and optimizing the range, in order to maintain our position as first choice among our customers all over Europe.

Just-in-time Deliveries

Different customers have different needs. At Alumichem A/S every customer is treated individually. We know the importance of a reliable supply chain. Whether your have a preference for IBC or tanktruck deliveres, tailormade products to exactly meet your technical specifications, short or long term planned deliveries Alumichem A/S is your partner and long term collaborator, to fulfill the demand for on-time deliveries at a competitive cost level.

Technology & Capacity

State-of-the-Art processing techniques combined with large scale capacity, enables Alumichem A/S to offer a broad product range that meet most demands. The plant technology and production methods, facilitates a very high product quality consistency.

ISO 9001 Certificate

Alumichem A/S is certified according to ISO 9001.

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ISO 14001 Certificate

Alumichem A/S is certified according to ISO 14001.

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