Dedicated to advancing sustainable development

Our mission is to foster a sustainable future for our planet by championing environmental well-being. Through inventive and eco-conscious approaches, we’re committed to delivering effective solutions that enhance the quality of water and air.

It is becoming increasingly necessary to streamline and optimise our consumption of raw materials, especially our water consumption, either by consuming less, or by developing new, eco-friendly and innovative solutions. Alumichem does both.

It is our core business to innovate and optimize the chemical processes and to develop and implement technologies and smart solutions, that enable our customers to manage their water and wastewater in a sustainable manner.

UN Sustainable development goals

The UN sustainable development goals (SDG) guide us in our work. The SDG are adopted by all United Nations members and consist of 17 global goals which are urgent call for action to end poverty improve health, education and tackling the climate change.

As a company in the water industry, Alumichem can make a unique contribution to a selection of the goals.

Read more about our goals for sustainable development.

Efficient wastewater treatment

We improve water quality by developing chemicals and new water purification technologies for wastewater treatment.

Our IntenseOx and CSS technologies remove contaminants, medicine remains, microplastics, toxins, and heavy metals. Read more –>

With this, we are advancing SDG 6

Oceans without microplastics

We remove up to 99,7 % of all microplastics and organic micropollutants from wastewater and sludge with our technologies.

That way, we protect a sustainable marine environment and creates oceans without non-biodegradable elements.

With this, we are advancing SDG 14

Circular use of water

We create new technologies for a circular use of water where we reuse water in the cleaning process.

The process generates clean sludge without chemical residues. By transforming highly degradable organic compounds, it is possible to reuse the sludge.

With this, we are advancing SDG 12

Eliminating hazardous chemicials

Clean water worldwide without any health risks for humans is a focus area for Alumichem.

We ensure healthy lives and prevent deaths and illnesses by eliminating hazardous chemicals in the water surrounding us.

With this, we are advancing SDG 3

Global partnership for sustainable development

At Alumichem, we cooperate at the international level with partners, and we work with well-known universities worldwide.

We are present in Ghana, North America, and the Nordic countries where we implement our environmentally sound technologies.

With this, we are advancing SDG 17