Code of conduct

The code of conduct present how Alumichem intent to act and serves as a guide for our employees

Human rights

Alumichem and its employees respect and support internationally proclaimed human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations.

Alumichem do not tolerate child labour or any form of forced labour in our own operations or among our suppliers.

At Alumichem we shall ensure that we avoid human rights violations and always act responsibly and forcefully in cases where we identify a risk for such.

Anti corruption

Alumichem is firmly opposed to all forms of corruption and bribery. Corruption and bribery may consist of either direct payments or indirect benefits, if the perceived intention of such benefits is to influence a business decision or legal/regulatory process.

Alumichem management and other staff operate with high ethical standards – this is the very foundation of our work and of the way that Alumichemh’s people interact with each other, with our customers and with our partners.

Environmental care

Alumichem are committed to protect the environment and recogniseour responsibility to improve our environmental performance continuously.

Every employee at Alumichem shall be aware of and adhere to applicable rules, policies and processes for health and safety in their area of operation.

We shall continuously develop our competence and collaborate with our customers in the aim of always being able to offer the environmentally best product or solution.

Environmental policy

Alumichem wants to be a green company with minimal consumption of resources in the production process, recycling of wastewater and packaging as well as minimal impact on nature and the environment around the company.

We want to work with suppliers who also work for a minimal environmental impact.

We want to contribute to a cleaner environment through the development, production, and sales of products and solutions, for efficient water purification, production of catalysts, control of particle pollution, and Nordic Ecolabelled deicing.

We are committed to continuously improving the company’s environmental conditions, complying with relevant legal requirements and other requirements that we have adhered to, as well as protecting the environment and preventing pollution.


Alumichem do not tolerate any kind of harassment or discrimination against anyone who works for us or with us.

At Alumichem we fully accept diversity among our employees. All new recruitment shall be conducted on objective grounds regardless of gender, marital status, parenthood, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, faith, political affiliation, age, functional disability or other categories that are protected by law.

Compliance with law

All Alumichem employees must comply with laws and regulations – international as well as national – when acting on behalf of Alumichem.

Alumichem will according to GDPR regulations, properly handle sensitive information, including confidential, proprietary, and personal information.

Suppliers and business relations

Alumichem only work with suppliers and other business relations that demonstrate responsible business conduct in relation to managing their potential and actual adverse impacts on internationally agreed principles for human rights (including labor rights), environment, and anti-corruption.

Suppliers must ensure that their business practices are in accordance with all applicable laws, directives and regulations.

Suppliers shall properly handle sensitive information, including confi dential, proprietary, and personal information.